Work Life Balance HR Policies

With the advent in technology and communication, literally everything and everybody is a click away. Today every professional can have access to their Email, Data, Team Members, Clients and more, right in the palm of their hand. We truly are experiencing a technological revolution that is changing our working style and lives in many ways. Today we have easy access to information that saves time & money but it does come at a price.

Professionals today find themselves in a global 24/7 work environment. Many are now also working part time or full time from their homes.

Although all this helps offer professional service with ease, in many cases it is slowly eating up the personal time of the individual.

People are no longer completely detached from their work and never get to unwind. Be it after work during a weekday, a weekend or an outstation family vacation, work related emails and phone calls keep popping up.

This is where the role of the HR in helping people maintain a proper Work Life Balance comes in.

Why maintain a healthy Work Life Balance:

Effective working is not just about putting in a whole lot of hours, it is about putting in a good amount of productive time. Without a proper Work Life Equilibrium the productivity, enthusiasm, creativity and overall delivery capacity of the resource will begin to deteriorate. This effects the overall organisation in a very bad way. In addition to lost productivity, it has more negative impact like high anger and frustration, an overall bad work environment and can result in unhealthy attrition.

How the HR can help maintain a healthy Work Life Equilibrium:

It is important for the HR Department to come up and help implement policies that show the organisation respects it’s employees’ personal time and space. 

The HR needs to involve Senior Management and Team Managers while formulating procedures that can be practically implemented while ensuring the overall productivity does not suffer and employees get their personal time. Some steps that can help achieve this are:
1. Involve the employees to better understand the challenges they face
2. Impart training to help Managers and Supervisors assess when their team members are facing this crisis
3. Have a Paid Leave Policy in place and encourage employees to take a break from the routine
4. Formulating an “Away from Work” Email and other Communication procedure
5. Creating a hierarchy that ensures other resources can take care of work when an individual is away from his/her desk
6. Organize events at the office that involve families
7. Have Out of the Office Group activities regularly Work Life Balance is essential and nothing more than understanding and respecting a person’s individuality and personal space.

Work Life Balance is essential and nothing more than understanding and respecting a person’s individuality and personal space.