Advantages of Personal Website

Why have a personal website?

Have you ever purchased a product or used the services provided by a company or individual and considered their good reputation before awarding them the task?
Did you ever search online to know more about someone or something?
Chances are that you would like to go ahead with someone who has showcased their talent the right way.

Would you like to impress people who are considering you for a job or assignment, be it while you are representing a company, owning a business or looking for a better job?
If you want to stand out the right way, you need to have a personal website. It is the best way to showcase your abilities and leave a lasting positive impression.

In other words, having a Personal Website is the right move towards Personal Branding.

How to create a Personal Website?

Pretty simple actually, just follow the following steps:
1. Register the right domain name,,, are some suggestions.
2. Book an email with the domain name like
3. Take a hosting space with database, about 1GB is usually enough.
4. Get in touch with a good website development company to get the website made.
5. Share your updated Resume with the Website Developer to populate the website.
6. We recommend putting in a little video with you talking about yourself and welcoming people to your website. The video can be put on Youtube and embedded on

Your Personal Website

How much does this cost?

Generally speaking, a Domain, 1 Email Id and Hosting with Database costs about Rs. 1500 a year and need to be renewed annually.
The Website Development is a one time task and should cost around Rs. 3000 or so.
You can update the website yourself if you are going in for a Dynamic Website with a Content Management System which does not need any high end technical know how on your part. That way no recurring costs are involved. Else you can have the Website Developer update it for you, which should cost about Rs. 500 or so a year, if you are looking for one time annual updates to your projects, resume etc.
We suggest you also get your Resume written professionally which should cost you about Rs. 1000.
To sum it up, a Good Personal Website will cost you about Rs. 5500 initially (including the resume writing) and maintaining it about Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 annually going forward.

Is it worth spending the time, effort and cost involved?
Absolutely YES! Every one of us invests more than a few thousand Rupees every month on Personal Branding. Be it a cool vehicle, a classy mobile phone, eating out, dressing up, salons and maintaining a dignified lifestyle. Then why leave out an incomplete online presence!

Some features to look for when getting a Personal Website:
1. The website should have sections which are visible to the general public and other sections which are visible to people you share access logins with. This way, only visitors you want to showcase your complete portfolio with get to see it all and the others get a glimpse of your personality. This is also a great way to elaborate on specific projecct details which would otherwise make your resume too bulky.

2. Social Plugins to help people connect with you on various platforms from your website, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube, Flickr etc.

3. A graphical representation of yourself rather than just plain text.

4. Colour theme that matches your personality and line of work.

The bottom line:
Your Personal Website can pay rich dividends by getting you that dream job and cracking that business contract.
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