Difference between Describe Yourself and Tell me about Yourself

Many interviewers begin the Interview Process with a fairly simple sounding question: Describe Yourself or Tell me About YourselfHow you respond to this question usually defines the mood of the rest of the interview.

We feel there is a significant difference in how each of these questions needs to be answered.

When responding to Describe Yourself keep the following points in mind:

  • Keep it to the point. Sum up your key strengths and personality in a single sentence.
  • Keep the job profile you are applying for in mind and share strengths and personality traits that will be considered an added advantage.

For example, a candidate facing the interview for a Sales Executive profile when responding to the Describe Yourself Question in an Interview should have a response on these lines:
"I would say, I am someone who likes meeting people and loves the thrill that one gets when working towards achieving a goal."
The idea should be to appear as a people person who is not scared away from the challenges that come with the Sales Profile.

However, the response to Tell Me About Yourself in an Interivew should be formulated keeping the following in mind:
  • Keep it to the point and not go in to details of any aspect you put forward.
  • This is your opportunity to share your significant milestones and accomplishments with the interviewers.
  • You can give a brief about your education, family background, interests and professional accomplishments.
The key word when responding to either of these questions is to keep it concise, crisp and outstanding! Your response to this seemingly regular question can portray you as an outstanding candidate and get you closer to your dream job.