Quick Job Search Tips

A long drawn job search is always a painful phase. Getting irrelevant job offers, sorting out the significant ones, facing interviews and following up are more demanding than one assumes.

Want to get quick results from your job search.

Follow these practical tips and help save time and effort when you are looking for quick job search results.

Professional Email address
Create a separate email for job search that gives a professional impression. This will also help in keeping your job opportunities more organised. Be quick in your response to job emails.

Phone call follow up
It is always better to call up the company HR on the contact number given with the job posting. A recruiter gets a few hundred resumes in response to each posting. Giving a call can help as the recruiter will pull out your CV for an out of queue action.

Update the Resume regularly
Regularly keep updating your resume. This way you will not have to gather inputs from the past when you need to apply for a job immediately. You can also consider using a professional resume writing service before applying for a job, this helps give your resume the right boost in your job search.

Use Recruitment Consultants
There are several companies that help executives find a job in their domain. Recruitment consultants do not just represent companies looking for candidates, a good number of them represent candidates in search of the right job!

Use Job Search Engines intelligently
Post your updated CV in all job search engines. Make sure you choose the Title, Summary, Keywords, Industry and Role wisely. This will ensure you get noticed for only the relevant opportunities. Always mention your salary and location preferences. Keep making regular changes to your CV so that the job search engines treat them as recently updated.

Get connected on Networking sites
Join groups on social and professional networking sites. Interact with other group members in other organisations regularly. This is a great way to get job offers and an internal reference for job vacancy, especially where employers are looking for internal references to close the posting rather than going in through recruiters.

Face rejections positively
There are bound to be rejections. Take them in the right spirit. Rejections in recruitment process do not mean the candidate is useless, it only means the candidate is not the right fit for this job. In other words, he or she is a good resource in another profile.