Preparing Farewell Speech When Leaving a Company

Everything that you go ahead and embrace has a unique place in your life. Nothing that you have been associated with is insignificant because it has helped you change, become wiser and stronger as well as experienced so that you are able to deal with life in a better way. This is not just limited to your personal life but extends to your career oriented endeavours too. Every effort that you make in your professional life enriches you with a unique experience and exerts its usefulness over whatever you do next. 
Any job, however gruesome or pleasant it might have been, trains you and prepares you for the next level, for the desired elevation, thereby making you realize its importance in your career once you succeed. Therefore, try and be positive towards whatever shaped your life in any manner however minuscule it might seem to you. Express you gratitude towards what helped you be learned, when once you advance in life to be positive, appreciated and open yet new doors of opportunities for yourself.
Here, we discuss about how to bid adieu to the organization that you have been working for, in an appropriate manner creating a pleasant environment, when either you retire or are changing job.

A farewell speech is the most common way to express gratitude, warmth and positiveness towards the organization that you are leaving. It always better to end at a pleasant note; all the qualms sorted, differences adjusted and love & admiration will only help make a special place for you in everyone’s heart.
A farewell speech is generally delivered on your last day of work. Prepare this speech in advance and practice it well so that you are successful in leaving the desired effect that happens to be pleasant and not sour for anyone.
Keep this speech short and let it not last beyond 5 to 10 minutes as no one would appreciate being kept away from work for long. Think 360 degrees about what you can say in this short time while you finally move away.

Following are a few points that you will need to keep in mind while preparing your farewell speech:

Start with a brief recount of when and how you joined the organization. Speak humbly and modestly of your achievements and the challenges that were dealt with, to which you were a significant contributor. 

State how you contributed as well as how the organization helped you grow professionally in terms of work and professionalism learned and experience gained.

Recall all those special moments and incidences that you dearly cherish in the organization.

Thank your seniors for the opportunities and juniors for their support who were a part of your success. You must also individually thank those who were particularly responsible in shaping your professional life, supporting you, mentoring you and endowing you with opportunities to show that you are a performer. Also thank everyone present while you deliver the speech for taking time out and bestowing upon you their precious time and emotions; most of all celebrating with you!

Add humour to your speech, let people rejoice while listening to those small funny incidences while you worked in the organization so that the environment in happy and light. But make sure that your humour does not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Tell people how you will miss the organization and the people you have been working with and how you will cherish all the memories.

Tell your colleagues that yow enthusiastically you look forward to keeping in touch with them.