New Job. First few weeks, Dos and Don'ts

The first few weeks on any job are extremely crucial. They can either make or break the complete exercise of joining a new company for you.
You must first of all accept and understand the reasons behind your actions. This is the time when you are already missing that comfort zone that is your old work place and your colleagues who already shared a good rapport with you just to get some better opportunities in life.  So relax and be patient enough to accept the changes that might pave way for a brighter future.

You can even take some days off before you join the new company, if possible, to disconnect yourself with the previous company and take a fresh start. You can also effectively utilize this break to know about the work culture and environment in general and also about the employers through a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. 
This is completely new work frame where you will need to establish yourself all over again. Think about it from a different angle if you start missing your comfort zone. Even you know that now you have an opportunity to take care and ward off all that was lacking in you in your previous work frame and create a new you in the process, one who is far more dependable, efficient and dynamic.
Patience and acceptance are the keys to survive this demanding time period that could easily drain you physically as well as emotionally.
You are the newest entrant and therefore the onus is upon you at first place to keep an open mind and watch your actions. 
To soothe this sore issue here we take an initiative to guide you and discuss the dos and don’ts of the first few days on a new job.
Keep your paper work and documents intact. You will need to provide various details initially like your educational and professional certificates, bank details, passport-sized photographs, you PAN details, last job’s joining and relieving letters, salary statements etc. The idea is to be prepared.
Try to listen and observe. When you are patient enough to listen observe before you act, you have a bonus point. You will definitely need to camouflage yourself as a chameleon does, into the environment to avoid the risk of raised eyebrows initially. The reason is simple- it’s you who is new while everyone else already have their own rapports, comfort zones, and connections. Doing this, will give you a perfect idea about the people around you and you can deal with them accordingly.
Remember, the way you do not want to be judged immediately and have wrong opinions formed about you, do not do the same with the people around you. Give them time.
Do not try to recreate you previous work environment here. Avoid comparing. And if you find any need of some genuine changes, only suggest those a little later, when you are accepted. Make sure that when you suggest, it should not reflect your fondness, if there and how you value your old office better than this one. Never indulge, however irresistible, in challenging your new work place’s environment and ethics in comparison.
Don’t be snobbish, even if you have a team of juniors working under you. Networking and being friendly is the key to acceptance and opening up hearts in your favour. Take time to know your co-workers. Learn the new culture by spending more and more time with them. Before you show the world your capabilities it’s important that there is someone to rejoice and celebrate your success. So, simply be all ears!
Don’t immediately try to show yourself off and boast of your capabilities as that will badly affect your future relations in the new office. Don’t try to do too much to impress people around by boasting yourself off. You are the newest employee and so nobody expects you to do wonders on the first day. Try to look like someone who is there to work as a team not an individual who is there to outsmart people. Learn when others share their experiences with you and be as pleasant as possible by letting them know that how helpful the information will be to you and how dearly you value their help.
Make sure that you have already planned what you will be wearing to office during the first week. Make sure that whatever you wear should be a little conservative. Choose something that is formal and looks professional as well as apt for your work profile. After all, presentation matters! Flashy and bold dressing will endanger your situation. First of all take time to figure out what’s appropriate and acceptable in the new office.
Be confident and enthusiastic because if you are not sure of your capabilities and knowledge, no one else will be but do not over kill it. Communicate, ask questions and be a comfortable person to be around.
Don’t let your guard down and behave over-friendly. Stay sane and be professionally pleasing. Letting your guard down at an initial stage might be extremely damaging. Take time to trust people before you start confiding in.
Learning never stops! So, take this opportunity to learn with all your heart and soul, your new responsibilities and duties from everyone concerned. Take time and master each skill at a time. After all, this will only define your career & productivity and help you shine out.