Work Experience in Resume

When working on your resume, it is always advisable to focus on preparing a targeted Resume that is job specific. Before applying for a job by submitting your resume take time to understand what skill sets are really required for this particular job opening. Concentrate on how you can synchronize the skill sets as demanded by the job opening to that of yours. 
The most important section, when it comes to judging your capabilities is the work experience format in resume. It is through this section that the potential employers get an idea about what has been your forte’, and work profile. They get a fair idea if you will be adequately able to do justice to the position that they have on offer by analyzing your past and present work experience in resume. 
In a way work experience resume format is solely responsible for impression that is formed by the selectors and plays a big role in determining if your candidature should be forwarded for a formal interview process.

It is therefore tricky when you put your work experience in the resume format that is targeted. The whole section is supposed to present a clear and fair picture of your work profile. This section also includes the various skill sets that you utilized while on any particular job, and therefore here you can actually play and synchronize the skills in a way that your skill match the ones demanded for in the vacancy you are applying for.  There are certain things that you must keep in mind while working on the work experience resume format. Format your work experience section in a way that all the details are neatly mentioned in a concise manner.
Briefly mention all the details of your present and past employment, with a mention to your responsibilities and the skills (in a bulleted format) that you utilized while on that particular job.
The details must contain each Employer/ Company’s name you worked for or are working, your job title at each job, period for which you worked for each, the work location and your duties and responsibilities you handled in the course of your professional journey.
Also mention any achievement / promotion while talking about your job experiences, as that makes you look good and increases your chances of getting considered. Try to talk of your achievement in numbers to show that you are result oriented.Use impressive adjectives and verbs when describing your responsibilities.
Also indicate and highlight your areas of expertise that seem relevant to the job opening.
Mentioning any number of relevant work experiences in your resume as that will for sure work in your favour but in case you have switched many jobs in past, do not mention the ones that are irrelevant to this vacancy. It will just lengthen your CV and will be no more than clutter for the selectors. Play smartly and skip mentioning any irrelevant information to keep your resume short, precise and one in which the selector does not loses interest.
You can also mention any relevant activity or educational endeavour you made while you were on job.
Note, that it is important to mention your work experiences in a reverse chronological format so that your present job is listed first and then the previous work experiences in a descending order. This is done as the selectors are normally more interested in your present job and its responsibilities to gauge your suitability.