Resume format for MBA Freshers

The grass always seems greener on the other side. And so does an experience holder to a fresher. Believe it or not, an experience holder gets constrained and can’t experiment, can’t leave the professional path that he has carved for himself, while a fresher has a sky of opportunities to try his luck and understand his forte. 
Being a fresher is the best thing that could happen to anyone when hunting for a job. You are still to prove yourself and your work caliber is still to be gauged and so there are far lesser reservations from the recruiter’s side when looking for a potential candidate. The recruiters understand that experience comes with time and anyone who seems promising and working both hard and smart can be tamed into an exceptional asset for their company.

This is the best time when you can concentrate on learning at work, some of the best tricks of the trade, various skills and gain a lot of confidence for your career ahead.
You have an opportunity to try and extract the best from what is being showered your way. This is the time when you should put on the best of your smiles and work gravely and resolutely to get a job that does justice to your academic qualifications and gives you an opportunity to imbibe and survive.
The first step that any fresher takes when prepares to look for a job, is to format a resume. When it comes to freshers, their resume looks completely different from that of their experienced counterparts. Also, as they are new, preparing a decent resume is a tough task for them. They are often confused about what to add and how to format their resume. The content as well as formatting, both pose a challenge.

MBA is professional course, and when preparing a MBA fresher resume format, due care must be taken to show how professionally accurate you can be. There are various things that an MBA fresher must keep in mind while working on his resume, enumerated below:
Brief the recruiter a little about your career objectives and how to plan to achieve those in your MBA resume format.
The resume format for MBA freshers obviously does not have any work experience section where from his dedication, knowledge and skills can be gauged so value is given to a candidate’s academic qualification and performance by the recruiters. Therefore this section should be a detailed account of your academic journey, containing details as the names of the institutions from where you pursued your high school, intermediate, graduation and post-graduation with an account of years during which you pursued these curriculum. This section is also supposed to include the subjects you studied and the marks you obtained.
Next comes, the additional courses that you undertook to enhance your competencies. Courses such as Computers’, Business communication etc. can be included here.
Mention your core competencies in the resume formats for MBA freshers in a way that they are co-related with any achievement of your academic journey.Mention all the achievements, honours and awards that you bagged in your professional life to show that you are skillful.
Also add the extra-curricular activities that you participated in or were involved in if relevant to the job you are applying for.
Give an account of all your summer training sessions, projects, industry experience that you have to show that you are efficient can easily put your theoretical knowledge to practical use.
Mentioning your various strengths that are relevant to achieving your career goals will give you an edge in front of the recruiters.
Also add your personal details, such as Name, Date of Birth, Contact Number, Languages you know, Email- Address, Name of your Father/ Husband, Permanent and Present correspondence addresses, Marital Status, Nationality and Work Status.

While working on the MBA resume format for freshers, the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that, that your resume should hold all the information that is relevant to the vacancy that you are applying for. You must thoroughly go through the details mentioned in the job vacancy and accordingly formulate your resume. You should also pay stress on trying to keep your resume accurate and precise so that the recruiter does not loses interest.
Applying the above tips religiously will for sure endow you with a better chance to get noticed.