Cover Letter Format

Today, merely submitting a simple resume does not do wonders for you. For being considered for a job vacancy, it takes much more than simply submitting a Resume with the employer. To successfully grab that golden opportunity, leave no stones not turned, go that extra mile and put in a little more efforts to show the employer that you are really interested. 
Making an impression will not need a genie to be released from the bottle; all you will need to do is to keep your basics correct and analyse the current job market trends and necessities. Take time to do your homework properly before applying for a job and appropriately fulfill all requirements so that you successfully leave a mark.
When you apply for a job interview, you must not only get a resume formatted, that is tailored as per the job but also take time to work on a cover letter that boasts of your interest and cognizance in the opportunity. 
A cover letter has become an extremely essential part of the resume submission process. It comes out as a formal platform wherein, the applicant describes his suitability for the job and reveals information that has not been and cannot be included in the resume. 

Information that is relevant and specific to the job you are applying for should only be included in the cover letter format. A resume cover letter format must be prepared, making sure that all the skills and experiences as needed for the vacant job position are methodically related to that of yours. You must always highlight, your skills in a way that they seem highly in harmonized with those noted in the job advert in the format of covering letter. 
Your cover letter must reflect the interest you have in the job vacancy, to be considered by the selectors. You must be careful while presenting yourself and use a highly professional tone.  In any case, keep the covering letter precise and relevant so that the selector does not loses interest while going through it. 
When working on your covering letter format, keep the following tips and formatting steps in your mind:
First of all add your contact details to the cover letter format.
Address you cover letter to the interviewer and also add the salutation.
When working on the cover letter body, divide the complete body into three parts.
In the first paragraph, acquaint the interviewer with yourself and tell him about how you heard about this specific job vacancy. 
In the second paragraph, try to inform and thereby convince the employer about your suitability. Explain how and why you absolutely fit the vacancy and what all skills you have, those that are necessary for handling this particular position. Do not forget to include any detail that was sought in the job advert. Here make sure that you do repeat the information that you have already included in the resume.
In the last paragraph, express your interest for the vacancy and request the selectors for accepting your candidature. You must also, thereafter thank the selectors.
Add you signature in the end.