What is HR

If you are unable to get the hold of questions such as what is Human Resource or what is HR, then read on! 
The answer happens to easy and very much in front of our eyes. And this is what we deal about, in this article.

Human Resource basically refers to the human capital that is the collective form of individuals working for any kind of business or organization. To be precise, if talking about what is human resource or what is HR, as we call it in short form, we are actually talking about the workforce or say the human talent pool over here. This happens to be one of the most important resources or rather assets of any organization.

And the management of these human resources or human capital in an organization is called Human Resource Management.  A typical HR management department in any company deals with the employee recruitment, training, assessment, motivation, payroll preparation and reward endowment. Apart from this, the HR department also acts as a liaison between any collective union of labours and the employers. It also manages the company’s public relations and handles the representation of its overall image in the outer world.  

But today, the functional area of the HR department is just not limited to the above mentioned functionalities. Today, HR professionals have spread their wings and are considered as ones whose involvement in the most important of decision making processes is imperative. The sky is the limit for them. They are involved in succession planning’s, leadership, mergers and acquisition, managing industrial and labour relations and other core strategic functionalities. The importance and necessity of their presence can’t be easily denied. They just not do the important work of handling the most important assets of any organization but are also actively contributing towards the fields in which their presence was supposedly not at all required in the past.

Human Resource Management has also emerged as one of the most popular and sought after and unique management specialization. There are many takers now, that the people have understood the importance of this specific field of operation. Under this specialization, students are not just trained in the basic HR activities but are given an idea of the overall HR picture. They are taught the basics as compensation management and also the intense human psychology subjects that widen their boundaries and acquaint them with an insight into the how the mind of the working professionals works and subsequently how to deal with them under different circumstances.

So, it’s pretty easy to answer the questions as what is HR or what is human resource, now that you have an idea for the whole thing.
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