Interview Questions for Freshers

This is the time of your life when, with a spark in your eyes, you try your best to touch the sky. You posses the energy and have a matching ambition. 

You have just stepped out of your college and the whole world seems new and adventurous to you. You are curious, often having no idea of how the professional world is going to treat you and what your destination would be. 

It is the time when you have not yet been molded into what would probably take the shape of your future.

Being fresh in any field is not a demerit or a matter of concern .Experience only comes with time. You have a pool of opportunities in front of you and luckily you have the option of choosing and deciding more freely than your experienced counterparts. To achieve, or say extract the very best from a labyrinth of choices life endows you with, all you need to do is to be fresh in your endeavors.

Going out for an interview is just a way to explore how efficiently you can handle things, when it comes to realizing what you have always planned for yourself. You can gauge whether you are all set as per your parameters or a little more needs to be put in.

Confidence here plays a key to success when amalgamated with thorough knowledge; the knowledge that you gained while being a student and you would see how rewarding this daunting interview process will turn out to be.

You should be prepared and here are a few questions and answers that will help you being a little more equipped; the confident delivery but of course depends on you.

Can you brief me a little about yourself?        
This is the first question that is right away fired by any interviewer. As you have no work experience, you can talk here about your academic career and your family background. But restrain yourself from going into details about yourself .Be specific about your answer. Any unnecessary talks will facilitate the interviewer in grilling you more on the basis of the extra information provided by you. He will definitely pick up questions from what you feed him with.

Till date what has been your greatest achievement?   
Do not exaggerate and tell the interviewer about all the probable laurels you brought home rather honestly talk about, anything positive you sought with all your heart, be it academic or non-academic and were successful in achieving it. Do not forget to mention the hard work and the efforts that you put in.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?   
In the answer to this question you should, along with talking about the person that inspired you, co-relate with examples how this person’s positivity helped you become what you are. Enumerate all the reasons behind it. Remember, the interviewer is trying to have an insight into what you actually are and what things are important to you.

Are you ambitious? 
The answer to this question should probable be that you are ambitious to a point, beyond which negativity seeps into one’s attitude. Yes, you are ambitious as far as learning, training and growing are concerned. You are ambitious enough to try to succeed in anything you are supposed to do and contribute productively. You would definitely want to see yourself as a achiever.

How would you be an asset to our organization?
You can co-relate all your strengths as being a positive contributing factor in performing your responsibilities in the organization. Here, what you need to keep in mind is the post and its responsibilities, that you are giving interview for. Also, be prudent enough to quote some examples from your life that showcase your able self.

What are you looking to gain from this organization?
In answer to this question you can tell the interviewer that being a fresher you look up to the esteemed organization as a platform which provides you with a ground to nurture, learn and receive excellent training opportunity but also a stage to showcase your abilities and performance .
You are looking forward to contributing towards the organization in the best way you can.

Are you willing to relocate or travel?
Show flexibility when you approach this question. Saying that you are flexible to being relocated or travelling, gives a positive edge to your prospects of being selected. You would end up showing devotion towards whatever you wish to do. But of course, this is more of a personal decision, so in case your present circumstances don’t allow be straightforward.

Which is more important to you, your salary or your job?
As this could be your first job, you should not pay much stress on salary. Your main aim should be learning. Learning compliments earning. Weigh the learning/ training opportunity this job can provide you with, with the remuneration you could receive. You should, keeping in mind, the educational qualification you have, and paying more stress on learning, decide upon the salary. But don’t forget to leave the end decision on the interviewer’s discretion. You would never want to be showcased as a person who is not as passionate about work performance as for money.

In addition to all these above mentioned questions, be prepared to answer questions regarding your specialization and your curriculum, more, if in any way it is in line with the post you are being offered. The interviewer will also question you if ever your academic performance has been low. You should think about such reasons beforehand so that you don’t end up developing cold feet or freezing in front of the interviewer.

Whatever you do, just be confident!

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