HR Interview Questions and Answers

Every employer wants to ensure that people working in the organization have the right attitude and personality in addition to the technical skills needed to fulfill the responsibilities they are being hired for. The Human Resource Interview decides what the company thinks is your potential as an individual.

Some typical Human Resource Interview Questions and Suggested Answers:

What do you know about this organization?
You need to study the company website, job requirements, company press releases etc before going for the interview. A detailed answer shows you as a thorough person who takes his profession seriously and expresses your keenness in the job.

Do you have any friends or relatives working with us?
You need to know the employee policy towards relatives working in the company. If you are there through a reference, you need to know how you have been introduced by the referencing person.

How do you feel about your last manager?
You should not say anything negative or demeaning about your last manager. No one wants to be associated with a back biter!

What are your expectations from this job?
The answer should be a mix of points that show personal and professional growth as an individual while being the part of an organisation.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Do not sound too ambitious... 'starting my own company' is NOT the right answer. You need to come across as a balanced individual who takes their career path seriously. Growing and handling more responsibility in the present work stream is probably a safer bet.  

If I was to call your previous HR Department, what would they have to say about you?
Credential checks are common. You need to sound confident and let the interviewer know that they will hear good things during these checks.

Have you any experience in handling a team?
If the role you are going in for is of Team Management, you need to emphasize on how good you are as a leader and mentor. In case the role is that of a team member and not a team leader, let the interviewer know that you are comfortable as a team leader as well as in a team member role, after all, every team leader is the member of another team!

How does your experience justify you for this post?
You should have understood the expectations from this new post and need to give specific points as to how you qualify for the same. After all, when an employer is ready to pay for a candidate with a certain experience, he needs to ensure the candidate understands what is expected as a result of that experience.

Why do you want to leave your present organization?
Never put down your past or present organisation. Personal and professional growth are good reasons for a job change, but back them up with the right points that the new job brings. Otherwise, these points look like normal reactions and will not leave a post impact on the interviewers.

Are you open to working weekends and flexible shifts?
The days of eight hours a day, five days a week, with gazetted holidays are over. If you want to grow professionally, you need to put in the hours and be available when expected. You need to come across as a person willing to be a team player and committed to the company's growth. The readiness to working weekends or flexible shifts when needed will give you that added advantage.

Can you relocate?
Make sure you know about the relocation requirements before you go if for the interview. Most companies prefer people who are flexible enough to relocate. You can always ask for a relocation compensation from the company, but make sure to bring up the compensation part during the interview.

Do you have any questions for me?
Make sure the questions you ask are not all about holidays, weekly offs and  compensatory offs. You do not want to come out as someone who is more concerned about time out than the actual work. 

Are you a team player or an individual performer?
You need to be both. If the job involves you being a team member, make sure your immediate past experience justifies the same.

Have you ever had to report someone for poor performance?
When you present the instance, do not mention the individual by name.

What is the most difficult part of your present job?
Make sure that you do not negate an individual or the organization. Try and put across a point that is tough to execute but is managed well by you.

What was the last book you read?
Be sure you have read and understood the book you mention. It does not need to be about self growth or related to your field of work. What is important is that you come out as a progressive individual. You also need to mention why you chose this book and the author.

How do you spend your time after work?
Please mention something more than Facebook, Twitter and television :) Activities that takes your mind off work and help in your growth as an individual are worth mentioning. 

Acing the HR Interview is all about assessing what the company expects from a person in your profile and how to ensure they realize you fulfill the parameters.

Watch Out for:
  • A good company HR will ask questions in a certain sequence to try and get contradictory answers.
  • The interviewer will disagree in an unprofessional way about any of your honest answers. They are probably trying to evaluate how you react in a tough situation.

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