Why use Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment is a demanding job!

Going through a few hundred responses from job seekers for vacancy advertisements on job boards, preparing searches to get the right database that matches the job profile, contacting job seekers and discussing their resume, doing initial screening of the candidates, coordinating with company hr departments and updating the candidates on their job application status is all part of a recruiter's daily routine. 

As an employer you cannot afford to leave this job with a company HR Manager or executive, who has a generalist experience. You need a recruitment agency to get the right human resources.

Add to that the ultimate accountability... a recruitment agency gets paid after the candidate gets hired and offers free replacements for a few months from the date of joining.

Some points for employers on why they need to use Recruitment Agencies:

Recruitment agencies are service providers who know they get paid if their candidate gets selected. They are competing against other similar service providers, internal company references, direct company recruitment and the possibility of the post going on hold. Recruiters are also not distracted by other HR activities that take up a company HR employee's time. Hiring through Recruitment Agencies is the quickest way of finding the right candidate.

An External entity for job seeker to talk to:
The discussion a job seeker has with a recruiter is very different from the one he has with employees of the company. The Recruitment Agency is an external agency that can help job seekers clear any doubts they have about the company cleared without looking too cautious or finicky in front of the employer. This is also a good opportunity for the recruitment agency that represents the employers to understand the job seeker at a one to one level and ensure the right person is considered for the job.

Domain Specialization:
A recruitment agency's core area of expertise will be in placements. Many agencies have business vertical specific recruitment teams. Employers benefit from the domain knowledge these recruiters gain while hiring for multiple organizations.

Low Risk:
Recruitment Agencies generally get paid after the candidate has started working. Most recruitment companies offer a free replacement if the candidate leaves the job within ninety days of joining. These clauses make sure the companies do not pay for a wasted effort. The recruiters also put an extra effort to ensure the candidate is the right fit for the job and the organization.

Benefit from the tools of the trade:
To help get the right candidate and fast, recruitment agencies generally have information gathering and management tools in place for every step of the recruitment process. Most recruiters have multiple database, job board access, internal database management systems, bulk email and sms tools, online assessment tests etc to contact and evaluate the candidates fast. Employers using the right Recruitment Agencies stand to benefit from these recruitment tools.

Candidate verification:
Recruitment Agencies are equipped to handle background checks, degree verification, experience and recommendation check. Employers need not use their internal resources to get in touch with other organizations.

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