Job Interview Tips

The job interview is the time you sell your professional services to the prospective employer. It is the time you need to show how the organization will benefit by bringing you on board. Chances are, so are all the other people getting interviewed for that one job post. Here are a few pointers to help you ace the job interview!

Pre-Interview Preparation Tips:

  • Study the Job Posting carefully.
  • Assess if you fit the job profile.
  • Go to Professional Networking sites like LinkedIn and see if you can connect with people associated with the organization conducting interviews. This will help you understand the company and interview process better.
  • Go through the company website and other company details thoroughly. Also, use this as an opportunity to prepare a list of questions you have about the organization.
  • If it is an online interview, make sure you can log in uninterrupted on the interview day, internet connectivity, audio or video communication addons will need to be in place.
  • Refer to Google Maps etc to make sure you have understood the venue for a face to face interview.
  • Go through the interview emails and make sure you have hard copies of your resume and any other documents you are required to carry for the interview.
  • Inform your present company about any leave you need for this interview... get your excuse ready :)
  • Have a mock interview session with a friend.

The Day of the Interview check list:

  • Confirm the time, date and venue for your interview.
  • Make sure you carry all the desired documents.
  • Dress formally.
  • Be on time!
  • Do not smoke or chew gum etc at the venue.
  • Wait for your turn patiently.
  • Do not discuss about some other interview you need to be at.
  • Never criticize your present organization, boss or team members.
  • Have a positive approach during the interview.
  • Maintain eye contact with the person talking to you.
  • Keep a steady speech rate, do not speak too fast, this way you get more time to think and answer.
  • Do not use fillers like 'you know', 'actually' etc through out the interview. If you are in the habit of using any, move between a few so that they do not get highlighted.
  • The interviewer will probably ask you about a topic that you will generally not discuss, e.g. the interviewer will ask you to speak about chair designs in the room. They are trying to assess how you talk when you are thinking. Do not fumble for words or move between languages. Maintain a steady speech rate while sounding genuinely interested in the discussion.
  • Clear any doubts you have about the job and organization.
  • Gather details like name, designation, email id etc of the interviewers to help in post interview communication.
  • For online or telephonic interviews make sure you are available online before time.
  • Thank everyone before you leave.
  • Do not hang around the office or waiting room after the interview is over for another friend to finish his or her rounds.

Post-Interview pointers:

  • Send out your thank you email.

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