Job Interview Thank You Letter

The Job Interview, a time when the employer and recruiter evaluates the candidate and the candidate assesses the company. It is important for a candidate to express his or her eagerness in the job vacancy after the interview is over. A thank you letter is the perfect, professional way of letting the recruiters and employers know that you are interested!

Who should the thank you letter be sent to:
It is important you connect with all the people who evaluated you during the interview process. You should personalize the thank you note and send it across to all the interviewers.

What needs to be mentioned in the thank you note:
  • Thank the interviewers for the time they put into evaluating you.
  • Mention specific examples of interactions in the interview process that keep you interested in the job.

When to send the thank you note:
You should try and email a thank you letter within one working day of your interview.

Why bother sending across a thank you note:
  • Keeps the ball rolling, it is a good way to stay connected.
  • It highlights you as a courteous, professional.
  • Shows your interest in the job vacancy.

Important pointers:
  • Have the right names and designations of the interviewers.
  • Keep it to the point, no more than two paragraphs.
  • Spell check before you send.
  • Email it within one working day of your interview.

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