Covering Letter for Job Application

A covering letter should always accompany your job application.

Purpose of a Covering Letter for Resume:
  • Helps in giving your resume a personal touch
  • Lets the employers know which position you are interested in
  • Explains how you are suited for this position
  • Provides follow-up information

General format for Covering Letter for CV:

Job Code/Title for which you are applying and Your Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name of contact person or Dear Designation/Hiring Manager (if the contact person's information is not available)

First Paragraph of Covering Letter: 
In the first paragraph, mention the vacancy you are applying for. Specify how you got to know about this position. 

Second Paragraph of Covering Letter: 
The second paragraph should highlight your qualifications and past accomplishments. You need to present the connection betwwen your abilities and the requirments of the job you are applying for. This paragraph supports why you are applying for this job and why the recruiters should consider you the right fit for the same.

Third Paragraph of Covering Letter: 
In the third paragraph specify if you have attached your resume. Thank the hiring person for considering your application. Mention details on how you plan to follow-up for this application.

Thanking you/Best Regards,

Your Full Name,
Phone Number
Email Address
Business Networking Profile details (Website, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter etc)

Always remember:
  • Do a thorough Spell Check and Grammar Check of the content.
  • Keep it 'To the Point'
  • The language should convey 'a Positive Impression'

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