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Work Life Balance HR Policies

With the advent in technology and communication, literally everything and everybody is a click away. Today every professional can have access to their Email, Data, Team Members, Clients and more, right in the palm of their hand. We truly are experiencing a technological revolution that is changing our working style and lives in many ways. Today we have easy access to information that saves time & money but it does come at a price.

Professionals today find themselves in a global 24/7 work environment. Many are now also working part time or full time from their homes.

Although all this helps offer professional service with ease, in many cases it is slowly eating up the personal time of the individual.

People are no longer completely detached from their work and never get to unwind. Be it after work during a weekday, a weekend or an outstation family vacation, work related emails and phone calls keep popping up.

This is where the role of the HR in helping people maintain a proper Work Life Balance comes in.

Advantages of Personal Website

Why have a personal website?

Have you ever purchased a product or used the services provided by a company or individual and considered their good reputation before awarding them the task?
Did you ever search online to know more about someone or something?
Chances are that you would like to go ahead with someone who has showcased their talent the right way.

Would you like to impress people who are considering you for a job or assignment, be it while you are representing a company, owning a business or looking for a better job?
If you want to stand out the right way, you need to have a personal website. It is the best way to showcase your abilities and leave a lasting positive impression.

In other words, having a Personal Website is the right move towards Personal Branding.

Difference between Describe Yourself and Tell me about Yourself

Many interviewers begin the Interview Process with a fairly simple sounding question: Describe Yourself or Tell me About YourselfHow you respond to this question usually defines the mood of the rest of the interview.

We feel there is a significant difference in how each of these questions needs to be answered.

When responding to Describe Yourself keep the following points in mind:

  • Keep it to the point. Sum up your key strengths and personality in a single sentence.
  • Keep the job profile you are applying for in mind and share strengths and personality traits that will be considered an added advantage.

Prepare for Employee Background Check

This post explains the Employee Background Verification process and gives some useful points to keep in mind when facing an Employee Background Check as part of the interview process.

Why companies conduct Employee Background Verification:
Companies go to great lengths to to safeguard their business reputation. Employee Background Verification is one such exercise taken by just about every employer to ensure the person they are hiring is the right fit.

Quick Job Search Tips

A long drawn job search is always a painful phase. Getting irrelevant job offers, sorting out the significant ones, facing interviews and following up are more demanding than one assumes.

Want to get quick results from your job search.

Follow these practical tips and help save time and effort when you are looking for quick job search results.

Professional Email address
Create a separate email for job search that gives a professional impression. This will also help in keeping your job opportunities more organised. Be quick in your response to job emails.

Preparing Farewell Speech When Leaving a Company

Everything that you go ahead and embrace has a unique place in your life. Nothing that you have been associated with is insignificant because it has helped you change, become wiser and stronger as well as experienced so that you are able to deal with life in a better way. This is not just limited to your personal life but extends to your career oriented endeavours too. Every effort that you make in your professional life enriches you with a unique experience and exerts its usefulness over whatever you do next. 
Any job, however gruesome or pleasant it might have been, trains you and prepares you for the next level, for the desired elevation, thereby making you realize its importance in your career once you succeed. Therefore, try and be positive towards whatever shaped your life in any manner however minuscule it might seem to you. Express you gratitude towards what helped you be learned, when once you advance in life to be positive, appreciated and open yet new doors of opportunities for yourself.
Here, we discuss about how to bid adieu to the organization that you have been working for, in an appropriate manner creating a pleasant environment, when either you retire or are changing job.